Board of Directors

Liam Whalen, Chair

Liam WhalenLiam Whalen is  a programmer by trade and interested in creative solutions to problems. By day he works for the BC Libraries Cooperative and is a trained Librarian.  The foundation allows him to be involved in the local Maker community, and he finds the process very rewarding.  For fun, Liam enjoys reading fiction and non-fiction works, programming his personal projects, and watching many of the great television shows now on the air.

Maryann Kempthorn, Secretary

Maryann KempthornMaryann Kempthorne is a long-time Vancouverite and Make advocate. A public librarian, community organizer, instructor, and parent, she is engaged in building strong understandings of the difference between “make” and “manufacture”.  Maryann has worked in schools, libraries, museums, and the community to support open-source software development, equitable tech innovation, community gardening, and made-not-manufactured fabric and design ubiquity.

Matthew Anderson, Treasurer

Matthew AndersonMatthew Anderson is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for science, art, and technology. His wide range of career and volunteer experiences span from small-business bookkeeping to multi-million dollar budget developments for publicly traded corporations, and from serving Christmas meals in downtown Vancouver to supervising teams for tsunami relief efforts with the Canadian Red Cross. Matthew is particularly interested in the open source movement, in creative and collaborative thinking, in community engagement and inclusiveness, and in robotics. Matthew spends his spare time building robots, sailing, and playing ultimate Frisbee.

Helen Lee, Maker Education Chair

Helen LeeHelen is a Senior Instructional Designer at the Justice Institute of BC. She is also Co-Founder of @HiveLearningVan, a Mozilla Rep, a Mozillian, a Mozilla BC Webmaker Mentor,an OER lover, and a mom.  She is passionate about #teachtheweb and always interested in #edtech #edchat.

Athomas Goldberg, Maker Outreach Co-Chair

Athomas GoldbergAthomas Goldberg is a 20 year veteran of the computer animation and video game industry where he has worked with artists, engineers, designers, academic researchers and industry executives to develop new tools and technologies for bringing believable interactive characters to life. In 2014, he founded the Pepper’s Ghost Media and Performing Arts Collective to explore the intersection of live performance, real-time animation and rendering, physical interfaces, stereo 3D projection and virtual reality.

Jason Grijzen, Maker Outreach Co-Chair

Jason GrijzenJason Grijzen has a background in mechanical engineering and has worked for the past 15 years in various industries, including design work in hydraulics and fabrication, and experience with composites and CNC machining.  After years of having fun making things for a living, he’d like to encourage others to pursue engineering and manufacturing.   Jason is co-founder and President of the Fraser Valley MakerSpace.

John Rauser, Membership Chair

2e31663John is a technology and security analyst with a diverse background in areas ranging from the liberal arts, law, business and IT. John enjoys playing with his kids, tinkering with computers and electronics, and writing in the third person.

Matthew Murray, Student Outreach Chair

Matthew MurrayMatthew Murray is the Student Representative for the Vancouver Maker Foundation. They are a graduate student at UBC’s School of Library, Archival and Information Studies. They participated in the 2014 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire with a group of students who collaborated on a Raspberry Pi powered book recommendation machine: the RAD (Readers’ Advisory Device). They can usually be found plotting and scheming.

Celia Winters, Media, PR, and Brand Management Chair

Celia WintersCelia Winters is a designer, communications strategist, and artist who loves to make things with inspiring people in sustainable ways. Since 2009 she has been working as an Environmental Graphic Designer, specializing in creative problem solving from conception to execution in 2D and 3D spaces. She is always looking to improve connections between environments, people, and systems. In 2013, Celia and the collective Art Not Ads created Cymata, a project that turns music into a 3D printable sculpture.

Theresa Liao, Public Engagement Chair

Theresa LiaoTheresa Liao is the Communications Coordinator for UBC Physics & Astronomy, and has been involved in science outreach and communication for more than 10 years. She is passionate about engaging communities in conversations about science, and crossing the boundaries we typically assign to academic disciplines. She became a Maker when she began developing interesting hands-on activities for children and adults with physicists, astronomers, and engineers.

Dethe Elza, Maker Education Committee

Dethe ElzaDethe is a geek dad and aesthetic programmer working for to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. He enjoys mentoring others through Ladies Learning Code, Software Carpentry, Webmaker workshops, and a course at Emily Carr University. Dethe created the Waterbear visual programming toolkit to make it easier for others to learn to code.

Kat Braybrooke, Maker Education Committee

Kat BraybrookeKat is an interaction designer and researcher in Vancouver and London with 10 years experience working with F/LOSS, Peer to Peer, and open technology communities (and their machines!) across the web. She is editor of The Open Book, a co-founder of Vancouver’s Hive Learning Community and Open Design + Hardware, and head curator of the Mozilla Festival’s first Art and Culture track . Her work can be found at