Maker Education in Action: Saturday, August 12th from 1-4pm

The next Maker Education meet-up is happening on Saturday, August 12th from 1-4 pm in the hangar space at the Centre for Digital Media. There will be presenters and hands-on demonstrations and an un-conference style show & tell (Bring your projects!). Don’t have a project? Come out, say hi, and meet some makers and maker educators! (This event is family friendly!)

Please RSVP so we know how many people to expect! Here’s a link to do that.



About the Event:

Maker spaces, clubs and programs are becoming more popular in schools, community centres, artist-run centres, and libraries. 3d printers are getting purchased, LEDs are blinking, and there may even be a “chill zone” for crafting. From learning how to code, to cultivating a growth mindset, combining making with learning activities is a great way to encourage students to get hands-on, and “open up the box”.  


Featured Presenters:

Dr. Paula MacDowell is a lecturer at Simon Fraser University (SFU) working on research and advocacy initiatives to empower children and youth worldwide through education in media and technology studies. As a maker and technology specialist, Paula has worked with learners of all ages to design, invent, code, and build things with the goal of making, renewing, and improving our world— and the “world of ideas that rules over the material world, the dreams we dream and inhabit together” (Solnit, 2013). 


Dr. Rachel Ralph is an instructor at the Centre for Digital Media (CDM) and the University of British Columbia (UBC). She is also a postdoctoral Fellow with the University of Victoria (UVIC) working on a research project that focuses on a mixed reality experience for high school students at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria.  

Paula and Rachel will be presenting app making and augmented reality @ UBC Girls’ Makeathon #UBCchangemakers #makersmakethingsbetter #MakeWhatsNext


Andrea J. Sator is the Curriculum Manager for the Co-operative Education Program at Simon Fraser University. In her most recent undertaking, Andrea is excited to continue the exploration in the use of educational theories and technologies for learning and teaching through her PhD program in the Faculty of Education at SFU. She is the lead research assistant on this project. Visit for more info


John Biehler has been actively sharing his knowledge about 3D printing technology with people around the world for the past seven years. He is the founder of Cactus Studios and co-founded, a ‘support group’ for 3D printing enthusiasts. His first book, “3D Printing with Autodesk” was published in 2014 by Pearson.

John is currently working with Douglas Coupland on the 3DCanada project, a multi-year, Canada-wide 3D scanning and printing art project which will be completed in the fall of 2017.


Keith Doyle is an Assistant Professor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. He is a Lead/co-lead Investigator on a few Emily Carr research initiatives including, the DnA project, cloTHING(s) as conversation, and a founding faculty member and the current director of Material Matters, a pragmatic material research cluster within the Intersections Digital Studios at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Keith holds both a BFA and an MFA in Sculpture. He maintains an active material practice and is a recent Resident Artist at the ACME Studios International Artists Residency Programme situated in London, UK, a Banff New Media Institute alum, 2006-2007 as well as, a NYC Dance Theater Workshop Artist’s Research Medialab fellow.


Dan Royer has been trying to put a 3D printer on the moon since 2007.

He teaches classes at the Vancouver Hackspace, helps local Burning Man art projects, and once broke his leg skydiving.
He’d love to help teachers learn about robots.






Event Facilitators:

Dethe is a geek Dad and aesthetic programmer. Dethe enjoys mentoring others through Ladies Learning Code, Software Carpentry and Webmaker workshops. He created the waterbear visual programming toolkit to make it easier for others to learn to code.




Educator, community organizer, and hands-on learning advocate, Emily Smith loves to share knowledge, whether through public speaking, documentation, written tutorials, or by leading workshops and demonstrations. She’s passionate about the cultural shift the Maker Movement is bringing about and has devoted her time to fostering environments that encourage learning by making. Emily is tis focussing on Maker Ed projects in partnership in schools with the Magic Trout Imaginarium. She is also working as a Design Researcher for the Studio for Critical Making at Emily Carr as she completes her Masters of Design program. You can follow her on instagram at @randomactsofmaking and visit


Zee is an educational innovator and advocate for hands on learning. Zee is also the co-founder of the MakerMobile: Workshop on Wheels; a mobile hackspace and workshop for kids and founder of the Magic Trout Imaginarium: a mobile classroom in a tiny house. Through these projects, Zee hosts professional development workshops, assemblies and seminars on ADST and the “STEAM approach” to project based learning.




Emily Smith is the driving force behind Vancouver Mini Maker Faire and Vancouver Maker Foundation. She is an avid textile artist and community organizer with a focus on facilitating collaborative and creative workspaces as well as maker-oriented projects and educational programming.