Maker Education Initiative

Vancouver Maker Education Meet-up

Since 2011, makers and educators have been creating programs and meet-ups in collaboration with Vancouver Maker Foundation in order to cross pollinate between educational facilities and maker groups. We have set the groundwork with the Vancouver Maker Education Meet-up and collaborations with makers on youth programming for the Young Makers program and are in the process of creating a “Vancouver Maker Education Initiative”, which will be an opportunity to connect educators with makers in a meaningful way.

The Vancouver Maker Education Meet-up is a group of enthusiastic makers, hackers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, parents and people, who are bringing hands-on creative projects (a.k.a making) into education. With growing interest in the maker community and events like Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, our goal is to bring together all those interested in making and education to share ideas and collaborate on projects.



(Photos courtesy of Danny Chan).


The Maker Education Meetup is facilitated by Dethe Elza as well as Emily Smith & Zee Kesler.


Dethe is a geek Dad and aesthetic programmer. Dethe enjoys mentoring others through Ladies Learning Code, Software Carpentry and Webmaker workshops. He created the waterbear visual programming toolkit to make it easier for others to learn to code.Photo 



Emily and Zee are an educational team that operate under the name the Magic Trout Imaginarium; a mobile curiosity cabinet and company dedicated to inspiring wonder and curiosity in the classroom.

Emily and Zee met through the Vancouver Hackspace(VHS) in 2010 around the time Maker Faire was just an idea. Together, they started the Young Makers program at Sunset Community Centre in 2013. Since then, they founded the Maker Education Initiative, where they have been working to connect educators with one another and with resources. Emily and Zee were recently hired by the ITA to create a Maker Manual introducing teachers and students to local Maker Heroes and inspiring projects involving introductory level trades skills.  If you are an educator interested in staring a Maker Club in your school, contact