7th Annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Underway!

If you have not had a chance to check out the Mini Maker Faire this year you still have all day today to head down to the PNE Forum to get educated, inspired, and just have a great old time. There are amazing new and returning exhibitors, and there is something for everyone! (Including a beer garden!)


Also the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire launched this year with a new website look! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly encourage you to go poke around http://vancouver.makerfaire.com/


2017 Call for Makers!

Do you build, craft, invent, hack, create, teach, make? Applications to participate in the 7th annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire are now open! The 2017 VMMF will bring together more than 150 artists, inventors, tech-heads, and Makers of all kinds for an exciting weekend of sharing knowledge, inspiring each other, exhibiting projects, and building community.

Event Dates: June 10 & 11, 2017
Location: PNE Forum, Hastings Park, Vancouver
Application Deadline: March 15, 2017


If you already know which category you’d like to submit an application for, please go ahead and use the blue links below to get your application started. If you’re unsure which category best suits your project, please scroll further down the page for detailed descriptions.

Maker Exhibit
A weekend long demo of your project(s). Maker categories include Individuals, Groups, Non-Profits and Commercial Makers – more details below. Apply here.

A scheduled performance, usually on a stage. Set lengths vary. Apply here.

A scheduled  10, 20 or 45 minute presentation or demonstration, usually on a stage. Apply here.

Workshop Leader
Design and lead one or more short (30-120 min) workshops. Apply here.

If you have any questions about which Maker category you should apply under, please email makers@makerfaire.ca.


To apply, use the blue application link above which best fits your proposal: Maker Exhibit, Performance, Presentation, or Workshop Leader.
Entries can be submitted from individuals, small teams, or larger groups such as hobby clubs, community organizations, schools, and businesses. We particularly love exhibits that are interactive and that highlight the process of making things.

Here are just some of the topics that we’re looking for:

    • Student projects
    • Robotics
    • Homegrown drones
    • Arduino projects
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Space projects
    • Food makers (not concessionaires, more info below)
    • Conductive materials projects
    • Kit makers
    • Interactive art projects
    • 3D Printers and CNC Mills
    • Textile projects
    • E-Textiles
    • Art cars
    • Home energy monitoring
    • Rockets and RC Toys
    • Sustainability and green tech
    • Vintage or modified radios, computers, and video game systems
    • Electronics
    • Electric vehicles
    • Science, biology/biotech, and chemistry projects
    • Puppets, kites, and other whimsical creations
    • Bike-based projects
    • Large-scale art
    • Music performances and participation
    • Unusual tools or machines
    • How to Fix Things or Take Them Apart (vacuums, clocks, washing machines, etc.)


Maker Exhibit: Individuals, groups, non-profits, schools, and other organizations that would like to demonstrate what they make and how it works in an all-weekend exhibit space; interactive exhibits are encouraged.

Maker booth fees include one 10’x10′ space, one 8′ long table, two chairs, and one 3-prong outlet; you will have the opportunity to rent additional space and equipment before the show.

NB: You will not be required to make any payments with your application.

Maker exhibits include these sub-types:

  • Young Makers (booth fee: $20 + GST): You are a maker aged 18 or younger. You are the next wave of awesome!
  • Individual Maker (booth fee: $30 +GST): You’re coming to VMMF to show others what you do and how it works. Your exhibit can be something that you designed and built, alone or with friends/collaborators. It could also be a work in progress, a skill or activity you’d like to share, or a demonstration of how an object or system works. Individual Makers may not sell anything at the fair.
  • Maker Group or Non-Profit (booth fee: $60 + GST): Your organization, non-profit, or community group makes things or supports/facilitates making, which can include teaching or sharing skills, providing tools or space, raising the profile of or advocating for Maker communities, building community, publishing learning materials, or other activities. Please appoint one person to coordinate your VMMF application/exhibit.
  • Start-up Maker/Microbusiness (booth fee: $100 + GST): You’ve designed/invented/built or otherwise created something amazing, and you think it’s marketable. Congratulations! Start-ups (businesses less than one year old) and microbusinesses are welcome to apply in this category. Start-up and Microbusiness Makers are welcome to sell items at the fair (DIY kits related to Maker projects are often big sellers. Just sayin’.).
  • Commercial Maker (booth fee: $200 + GST): You run an established business making and selling products, and you would like to sell items at VMMF. To qualify as a Commercial Maker, your products must be assembled locally (relative to you), by your company, or by your customers. We encourage you to have a demonstration or hands-on component to your booth.

If you have any questions, please email makers@makerfaire.ca.

PerformanceMusicians, performance artists, and entertainers who would like to perform at VMMF. Performances are usually in an outdoor tent and scheduled for approximately 45 minutes, though set lengths vary; we also really love roaming and unscheduled performers. Please mention scheduling details in your application.

Presentation: Individuals and groups who would like to talk about an idea or project of interest to the Maker community, or Makers who are interested in demonstrating what they make and how it works, but who aren’t ready to commit to a two-day stint at a booth. Presentations are typically 20 or 45 minutes, with some time for Q&A.

Workshop Leader: Want to share your hard-earned knowledge, but don’t want to commit to running a booth all weekend?  You can design and lead one or more short (30-120 min) workshops at the designated workshop area.


When applying, you are required to provide a project photo, and a bio photo if you applying to make a presentation. These photos will be used on our website to promote your project.

Your photos should not have any text in them, and should be a single image, please, not a collage. Your photos should be at least 500px x 500 px, and PNG, JPG, JPEG or GIF format.


Volunteer: Want to help us make Vancouver Mini Maker Faire an amazing event for everyone? Check out our Volunteer Information page! We’d love to have you.

Mobile Food Vendors:  If you would like to sell non-packaged, ready-to-eat food to attendees, please fill out a Mobile Food Vendor Application. If you are a baker/chocolate maker/other non-concessionary food maker, please apply through the Maker application form.

Sponsors: Is your organization interested in supporting us as a Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Sponsor? We’ve got a ton of different sponsorship options available! Check out our sponsorship package for more information or email our Sponsorship Coordinator to discuss the possibilities.


Following your submission, you will receive an email confirming that we have your application. If you don’t receive your confirmation email within a few minutes, contact makers@makerfaire.ca. This confirmation does not constitute acceptance to Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

You’ll be notified via email about your acceptance to the show. Once accepted, you will be asked to provide us with more detailed information about your exhibit and submit your payment (if applicable). Once we receive your registration form and payment you will receive links to your 2016 Maker Information Package and other information. Once accepted, begin to plan for your participation. We will send regular Maker Newsletter updates containing, among other things, hints of how to make your booth awesome.

Check out the Mini Maker Faire 2016 Silent Auction!

We have some very talented and generous Makers! The Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in association with the Vancouver Maker Foundation is hosting our annual silent auction this year to raise funds for the Faire and for The Vancouver Maker Foundation, the umbrella organization that puts on the Faire every year, and our Makers and Exhibitors have donated outstanding items for our attendees to bid on all weekend.

Just a sneak peek of some of the items up for Auction:


The Hive Printing, an artisan screen printing company specializing in traditional textiles & dxtraordinary projects has donated Vancouver-Inspired hand printed shirts made right here in East Van!

brew__beast (1)

If you love a good brew and prefer to make things at home, Brew and Beast, has donated DIY home-brew kit and how to cure your own bacon. Instructions included in the kit of course! Stop by their booth to for more details on brewing your own beer.


Rocket Man Props has created a Gamers dream for an all night gaming session! A set of 5 Settlers of Catan themed coasters, laser cut on plywood and detailed with exotic wood veneers. Get your game on!


Phillip Chin, a visual artist and photographer who works with clients all over Canada, has donated a TinType photoshoot at the Maker Faire or at a later date!

This is only a sampling of the items we will have at the silent auction this year! Make sure you stop by the table to check out the other auction items, and say hello to the members of the Vancouver Maker Foundation. Proceeds from the silent auction are used to fuel Vancouver Maker Foundation events and initiatives which has brought together a broad range of Vancouver artists, hobbyists, creatives, collectives, and small businesses through projects like Maker Music, the Young Makers Program, the Vancouver Maker Education Meet-up Group. Their driving purpose is to continue to connect like-minded tinkerers in order to cross-pollinate ideas, share resources, and inspire one another in exploring passion projects, hobbies, businesses, or achieving a unique feats of wonder.

Call For Makers deadline for the 2016 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is coming up fast!



A quick reminder that the Call For Makers deadline for the 2016 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is coming up fast! Applications are due by midnight on March 15th, 2016.

VMMF welcomes Makers from across a broad range of disciplines, including textile arts, roboticists, 3D Printing enthusiasts, glass artists, metal workers, painters, inventors, costumers, and more for two days of exhibiting projects, building community, and sharing knowledge and inspiration.
Interested in participating, but don’t want to commit to exhibiting for two days? Applications for Presentations, Workshop Leaders, and Performers are also open right now! All the information and links you need can be found here. The Vancouver Mini Maker Faire also has tons of volunteering and sponsorship opportunities.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email. They’d love to hear from you!

Call for Sponsors: Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2016


Want to get involved with something really cool? Sponsor the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, a festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement!


We’re entering our sixth year, and the 2016 show is gearing up to be bigger and better than ever! Our production team is hard at work putting together a slew of new activities and exhibits for the fair, and we’re really excited about what’s coming down the pipe. We couldn’t have made it this far without the generous support of our sponsors over the last five years, though -sponsor support is invaluable to our organization!


The growth planned for the 2016 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire means lots of opportunities for new partnerships with businesses that are looking for creative and exciting ways to get involved with Vancouver’s Maker community. Our event hosts more than 125 artists, artists, tinkerers, performers, inventors, crafters, and other Makers, and in 2015 had an attendance of more than 3500 spectators. VMMF is a great way to strengthen your brand and engage with thousands of creative and open-minded individuals. We’ve got a range of sponsorship levels available, and are happy to tailor something to meet your organization’s needs.

Check out our sponsorship package for more detailed information:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 7.46.48 AM

If your organization would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, we have a number of sponsorship opportunities available. Please get in touch with us for more information at sponsorship@makerfaire.ca or skip ahead and go right to our sponsorship form here. We’d love to hear from you!

Check out this video about why sponsors value being part of Maker Faire:

Many Ways to Be Part of 2015 Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

The Vancouver Mini Maker Faire team just wrapped up the Call for Makers 2 days ago. A big “thanks” goes out to all the Makers who have applied to be part of this amazing show-and-tell with us!

If you missed the VMMF Call for Makers – worry not. VMMF will continue to accept applications to be placed on the wait list. Plus, here are a few other ways to get involved on June 6/7 –

Be a workshop leader Apply to be a workshop leader

Share your knowledge and skills as a Workshop Leader! We are looking for makers of all kinds who can design and lead a fun 30-60 minute workshop (or two!) at the VMMF. Past workshops include everything from letterpress to basket weaving. We will take care of registration, so you only need to worry about set-up, teach, and clean-up. 

Be a presenter Apply to be a presenter

Have a project in mind you think would be of interest to other Makers in the community? This is your chance to shine. Sign up to be a presenter for our Speakers’ Stage during VMMF. Presentations can be 10 minute, 20 minute, 40 minute long, or a panel session with a moderator.

Be a performerApply to be a performer

Calling all musicians and entertainers. It’s not the the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth if we don’t have some amazing performances! We are looking for all kinds of acts – whether you prefer to perform a 45 minute set in an outside tent, or roam through the crowds at the PNE Forum this year. Apply to be a performer for VMMF this year!

Deadline for applications for Presenters, Workshop Leaders and Performers is in mid-April. Don’t forget that we are also looking for an enthusiastic & highly organized person to join the VMMF team as the Volunteer Coordinator. Application deadline for the Volunteer Coordinator position is 6pm on Friday, March 20.

All photographs by Emily Smith.