Vancouver Maker Foundation is a non-profit committed to building a strong and vibrant community of Makers in the city of Vancouver.

Vancouver Maker Foundation brings together a broad range of Vancouver artists, hobbyists, creatives, collectives, and small businesses through events and projects including the Vancouver Mini Maker FaireMaker Music, the Young Makers Program, the Vancouver Maker Education Meet-up Group. Our driving purpose is to continue on this mission of connecting like-minded tinkerers in order to cross-pollinate ideas, share resources, and inspire one another in exploring passion projects, hobbies, businesses, or achieving unique feats of wonder.


Vancouver’s Maker community is what we make it. Each project represents a unique opportunity to take part in actively shaping the world around us. Approaching our fifth annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this June, we look forward to watching the community grow, and seeing even more creative, vibrant Makers emerge and take part in the conversation about what it means to ‘Make’ in Vancouver.


Our hope is that Vancouver Makers will be instrumental in solving regional problems, from environmental sustainability, to energy efficiency, to urban farming, or even to ways of making our city a more vibrant and connected place to live. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for Makers, and look forward to connecting with more enthusiasts in 2015.